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Week 7

Performances are now fully underway and every day the cast are performing to over 1500 young people! Keep your eyes on the interviews page where you will soon be able to hear the latest from backstage, including what the actor's think about their characters now they've settled into the run, and what it's like performing on the stage of the Globe.

If you've seen the production, why not check out our reviewing brief below and send us your thoughts. Have a look at some more photos from Much Ado About Nothing below in case you need inspiration for your review. 

Week 7 Blog

We now have several performances behind us and the response has been wonderful. Cheers and gasps can be heard from many if not all of you. Sometimes just one of you can be heard reacting especially loudly to a scene. Either way the show has now hit its stride and it has been great to see how you guys have been enjoying it.

Your reactions to Benedick and Beatrice's relationship have been particularly interesting. Whether they are about to embrace or about to fight all of you seem to have something to say about it. We would love to know more of what you thought as this weeks Review challenge down below is a great opportunity to let us know.



Many theatre productions are reviewed by members of the press, who attend a performance and comment on the creative elements that come together on stage during a performance.

Theatre critic Van Badham has provided some top tips for reviewing a play. If you've seen Much Ado About Nothing, or are planning to attend, why not read our brief and send us your review.

Van's top tips are:

1. Establish a context. What is the name of the show? Where is it on? Why is it happening?

2. Give us a sense of how the show works. What are the choices the director has made?

3. Give an evaluation. Look at intention and then look at realisation.

4. Make a verdict. Was it alright? Was it great? Would you recommend it to your friends?

5. Most importantly, above all else be honest and have fun!

Now download the Reviewing Brief on the right. Once you are done email your review to us at digital.i@shakespearesglobe.com and we may feature it on the site.