God match me with a good dancer... And God keep him out of my sight when the dance is done!


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Rachel Winters


Margaret is Hero’s lady-in-waiting, and is a playful flirtatious woman who has clearly had some experience with men. She mercilessly teases the naïve Hero about Claudio, and brazenly answers back to Benedick. Game for fun, she is enlisted to help Hero trick Beatrice into believing that Benedick is secretly in love with her, and both Margaret and Hero enjoy this opportunity to poke some fun at Beatrice. Her romantic links to Borachio are the root of Donna Joan’s orchestration of Hero’s unfaithfulness, as Borachio woos Margaret in the guise of Hero in order to persuade Don Pedro and Claudio that she is not all she seems. Although Margaret does this unknowingly, some blame is placed on her by Leonato, despite Borachio’s claims that she was innocent of his real intentions.




I am always up for a laugh but Borachio took things too far. What do I do now?


Stop him before things gets worse.


Just tell him you're just kidding!


See what happens.

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Modern Messina – Our weekly interview for those in the know…

MM: We have a rather different interview this time as we are meeting Margaret a waiting gentlewoman. Hello Margaret.

Margaret: Yes, hello. I am surprised that you want to hear from me but I suppose I do know some quite important people in our city so I can talk about them can’t I?

MM: Well, yes, that was what we thought. So start off by telling us what you do and where it all takes place.

Margaret: I work for Governor Leonato as waiting gentlewoman to his daughter Lady Hero. In our house we also have Hero’s cousin, Beatrice. Now, there’s a one I can tell you and so different from my mistress, like chalk and cheese I suppose you could say.

MM: Tell us about them.

Margaret: Oh, where to start? I could tell you so much but I had better be careful, I don’t want to lose my place do I?

MM: No, that is not what we want so just tell us what you think will be acceptable.

Margaret: Hero, that’s my lady, is simply perfect. She is so quiet and so trusting I don’t think she can see the bad in anyone. I just hope that she isn’t too trusting because there are lots of rogues about you know. Beatrice, now she is so different. She is loud and funny and stands up for herself and is very suspicious of men. I think that is because she was let down in the past by a man. I really can’t see Beatrice ever marrying!

MM: Why not?

Margaret: They, men that is, will be too frightened of her. She is so witty and outspoken and suspicious she would scare most men away. Benedick, when he’s around, he stands up to her but as he was the one who let her down in the past so she won’t have anything to do with him.

MM: Lady Hero? What about her and marriage?

Margaret: She would like to be married I know that but it will have to be someone who meets her father’s requirements. She will be such a lovely and trusting wife.

MM: And you, Margaret? Any plans?

Margaret: Well, you know, there is one special person. He’s a soldier and is always up for plots and tricks. He makes me laugh but I don’t know whether it will come to anything, you know what soldiers can be like!

MM: Yes, indeed! Well, thank-you Margaret for a most interesting interview.