Being that I flow in grief, The smallest twine may lead me.


Played by

Emilio Doorgasingh


Leonato is the Governor of Messina and the play is mostly set in his house. He is hospitable and welcoming to Don Pedro and his soldiers, holding a ball in their honour, and he cordially accepts Donna Joan, Don Pedro’s troublesome illegitimate sister, into his household. Leonato is very liberal and amused by his niece, Beatrice and conspires with Don Pedro and Claudio to trick her and Benedick into falling in love with each other. Leonato appears to be a loving father to Hero, but his immediate rejection of her on her wedding day when Claudio accuses her of infidelity displays a darker side to his character.




I want what is best for my daughter. But what she tells me and what others tell me about her are different. Can I trust her?


She is your daughter she wouldn't do anything. Just don't worry =^.^=


Listen to her!


Trust your daughter. Not everything people say is true.


You can trust her, she is your daughter you love her? Don't you?


Yeah! She is your daughter, I would hope she wouldn't lie!


Just don't worry. Trust your daughter :)


You can trust her with some things but if it gets too suspicious stop trusting her.


Listen to your heart and you'll find the answer.


Yes you can trust her! You're just worried as you are her father.


She is your daughter. Of course you can trust her!

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‘Who’s Who?’ in Messina

Name and place in society: Leonato, the Governor of Messina

Family background: Leonato is the head of the leading family in Messina. His family is very well known and can trace its history back through many generations.

Profession: Leonato is the ruler of Messina and ensures that the city’s laws are upheld and business can be transacted safely. This means that the city will be successful for all its citizens. His work as governor is full-time and demanding as he has to ensure that disputes are settled and everyone can live safely.

Personality: Because he is the city’s governor, Leonato is very used to having his own way and he always makes sure that everyone in his household does what he says. Leonato showed the kind and generous side of his personality when he agreed to give a home to his niece Beatrice when her parents passed away. As well as his serious side, Leonato can behave in a light-hearted and humorous way. One example is the way he makes fun of his niece Beatrice and because of the way she talks to her former lover Benedick though he is critical of Beatrice as well because he thinks her tongue is too sharp. Leonato dotes on his daughter Lady Hero but he insists that her behaviour should be perfect so she must not slip-up otherwise he will be displeased.

Plans for the future: Leonato is very anxious to make sure that his beloved daughter Lady Hero makes a suitable marriage to a man from the right level of society. He would very much like to find a suitable marriage for his niece Beatrice but he wonders which man would be able to cope with her sharp tongue.