I am yours for the walk; and especially when I walk away.


Also called

  • Gentle Hero,
  • Sweet Hero

Relationship status


Played by

Aruhan Galieva


Hero is the young daughter of Leonato and cousin of Beatrice. She loves Claudio, becomes betrothed to him and, with Margaret partakes in Don Pedro's scheme to make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love with each other. Hero falls victim to Donna Joan's plot, and Claudio, backed up by Don Pedro, believing she has been unfaithful, humiliates and refuses to marry her. Rejected by her father and so mistreated, Hero collapses. At the Friar's advice, Leonato and his household pretend that Hero is dead. Her innocence is proven when the Watch apprehend Borachio, who confesses his part in the plot to ruin her. Finally, disguised as her Uncle's daughter, she forgives and marries a repentant Claudio.




I really love Claudio but he didn’t trust me and cast me aside. Now he wants me back. Should I forgive him?


It depends. Do you still love him as much as you did when you first fell in love?


Well if you really love him you should accept him back!


If you really love Claudio then you will give him one last chance. He didn't know that Donna Joan was lying about you. :)


You should slap him, kiss him, give him terrible food and if he still wants you slap him again then tell him to call you. Oh and don't forget to tell him that you also like him.


Take time to think about it. If he was horrible don't forgive, just take time to think =^.^=




If you love him you love him. Forgive him. Please forgive him xxx


Yes, you should. You know, everyone can make errors, so we all have to be ready to forgive.




Never! What he did was wrong!

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Modern Messina – Our weekly interview for those in the know…

MM: Today we meet one of Messina’s most eligible young ladies the Lady Hero. Welcome Lady Hero, it is very kind of you to join us for the interview today.

Hero: Thank-you very much, it is nice to be here but I don’t know whether anyone will be interested in me.

MM: Well, you are the daughter of our most important citizens, Governor Leonato, so I am sure people will be interested to hear about you. Let’s begin with you telling us a little about yourself.

Hero: Well, as you said, I am the daughter of Leonato who is the governor of Messina.  I am very proud to be part of the most important family in the city but, sometimes, it can be a bit of a burden.

MM: Burden? What do you mean? How can being part of this most important family be a burden?

Hero: Perhaps burden is too strong a word but it can be hard being part of Leonato’s family. I feel I have to be on my best behaviour at all times as my father expects me to impress everyone who meets me with my good manners and careful conversation. Sometimes I just wish I could be more like my cousin.

MM: Your cousin? Tell us about her and why you want to be like her.

Hero: My cousin! Where do I start? She is Beatrice who lives with us as her parents are no longer alive. She is everything I am not. She speaks her mind, she is brave and she is very funny with witty remarks which always surprise those who meet her as they seem to think witty remarks can only be made by men!  I just wish I could be lively and out-going like her though perhaps not quite as extreme as her though.

MM: Not so extreme? Tell us why.

Hero: Well, I think being so witty and outspoken can put off people especially men so that might be why she is still unmarried.

MM: Why would that put off men do you think?

Hero: I think men find it hard to put up with women who can be as witty and outspoken as them. They think women should be quieter and not answer back too much. I think Beatrice will find it hard to marry because of how she behaves towards the men she meets.

MM: Marriage then? How do you feel about that for yourself?

Hero: I do hope I can find a man who will be kind and loving as well as being the right status for the governor’s daughter to marry. I am a trusting and faithful person I think so I will make a good wife.

MM: Thank-you for sharing your thoughts with us. I am sure everyone wishes you every success in finding a husband who will be as loyal and trusting as you are.