Donna Joan

I cannot hide what I am. I must be sad when I have cause, and smile at no man’s jests.


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Charlyne Francis


Donna Joan is the illegitimate sister of Don Pedro and the villain of the play. She has recently opposed her brother and appears to have been a cause of the recent battle, but she has been forgiven and is now one of her brother's men. However, she is full of bitterness and resents having to hide her real feelings. With the help of her henchman, she plots to make trouble for her brother's right hand man, Claudio, and succeeds when Claudio shames and humiliates Hero on their wedding day. She flees from Messina shortly after this event, but is caught and brought back to face Don Pedro's punishment.




It’s so unfair my brother gets all advantages in life. How shall I get revenge?


Lie about him!


Do something to annoy him. :)


Take what's most precious from him.

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Military Record

Name: Donna Joan

Posting: Duke Pedro’s Aragon Regiment

Commanding Officer’s report

Introduction: Donna Joan is a tough soldier able to tackle the most challenging tasks with bravery and determination. She is the illegitimate sister of our commander Don Pedro. Although she has many successful campaigns under her belt her loyalty is not to be trusted as fought for the opposing side in the recent battles.

Issues: Don Pedro has forgiven his sister for fighting with the opposing army but because of her actions Donna Joan has not been promoted having lost out to her fellow soldier Claudio from Florence. As well as her disloyalty another reason that would have prevented Donna Joan being promoted was that her commanders felt that she was not a good leader of men as she is rather too self-obsessed. There is a feeling in the regiment that the failure to obtain the promotion is something that Donna Joan is brooding on and feeling angry about. Such selfish concern about her position is not the kind of approach likely to make a leader that men can look up to and follow without question.

Donna Joan is close to one other soldier Borachio who seems to admire him greatly. There has been concern about these soldiers who have been involved in activities which have made their commanders doubt their trustworthiness so it is a worry that Donna Joan is associating with these men. It is recommended that Donna Joan’s commanders keep her very closely watched to ensure that her loyalty and behaviour is what is expected of a leading soldier in Duke Pedro’s regiment.