Don Pedro

By my troth, I speak my thought.


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  • ‘Your grace’

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Tyler Fayose


Don Pedro is the Prince of Aragon and has recently led his army to victory after a long battle. He is kind and loyal, forgiving his sister Donna Joan for recently opposing him, and helping Claudio to win Hero by wooing her in his place. He is very good-humoured, devising the scheme to cause Beatrice and Benedick to fall in love with each other, even though he has recently proposed to Beatrice himself. In spite of this, he is also fooled by Donna Joan’s scheme to shame Hero, and assists with Claudio’s public humiliation of her on her wedding day. However, when her innocence is proven, he is completely repentant.




I’m charming, rich and a prince…but still single. What am I doing wrong?


Don't mess up Hero's relationship. Maybe one day you'll find the love of your life like her. For now, you have her friendship and that's beautiful.


Well maybe if you follow your dreams and stop betraying people you will find your own love. =^.^=


It's because you don't have a loving heart.


Maybe stop acting like a rich person!


Well you did betray Hero and messed up one relationship so maybe start by minding your business!


You are probably trying too hard.


Just stop going for Hero she likes Claudio and not you just deal with it. :)


You betrayed hero!


Stop being a show-off and so spoilt and thinking you are the best.


Sorry, maybe one day you will find the love of your dreams!

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Military Record

Name: Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon

Posting: Commander of his own Aragon army

Battle report: In the recent battle, Don Pedro led his men with great success. There were very few casualties and none of the high-ranking officers were lost so the battle can be said to have been an outstanding example of leadership. Part of Don Pedro’s great success as a leader is his ability to get on with the soldiers in his army. He understands the needs of his soldiers and knows about their characters, interests and plans. Don Pedro has shown he is able to join in with his men’s humour and jokes and he enjoys making fun of people. One example is the way he joins in with other officers who make fun of Benedick for saying that he will never fall in love. Don Pedro is also willing to take part in practical jokes to make something happen.

Concerns: One major problem that Don Pedro has as a leader is his half-sister Donna Joan. Don Pedro always seems to make allowances for his illegitimate sister. This can lead to problems as Donna Joan is a difficult person whose behaviour can be very bad. In the recent battle Donna Joan was seen to have defected to fight for the enemy but, instead of punishing his half-sister, Don Pedro allowed her to re-join the Aragon army. This is a serious weakness as Donna Joan has, by his recent defection, proved that he cannot be fully trusted.

Recommendations: Don Pedro should not allow himself to forgive his half-sister if she commits any more crimes.