Friendship is constant in all other things, Save in the office and affairs of love.


Also called

  • ‘The right noble Claudio’,
  • ‘The most exquisite Claudio’,
  • ‘Monsieur love!’

Relationship status


Played by

Philip Correia


Claudio is a Count from Florence who has gained much glory in the recent battle. He is Don Pedro’s right-hand man and falls in love with Hero when he sees her after a long absence at Leonato's house. He is very naïve, and finds it difficult to defend himself when Benedick criticises him for intending to marry. He is also gullible as he is easily fooled twice by Don John and Borachio, firstly into thinking that Don Pedro has wooed Hero for himself, and secondly, with more serious consequences, into believing that Hero has been disloyal. His public humiliation of Hero and his cruel refusal to marry her marks him out as a proud, angry and disturbing character. When he receives the news of Hero's innocence, however, he is full of guilt and is willing to accept any punishment that Leonato will give him to atone for his cruelty.




I feel like I am forced to choose between my friends and my love for hero. Who should I choose?


Don't feel forced, trust your friends and follow the love of your dreams. They're both important and you need Hero and your friends. Trust your heart.


Go with Hero if your friends don't want you to marry Hero just follow your heart. =^.^=


Follow your heart!


I would go for love because it's once in a lifetime!


It depends do you love Hero or do you like your friend more?


Friends are ok. But love is for Men.


Ditch friends and go for loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I think Hero. Besides it's your choice?


Hero because I love her!


If you love her you love her. It is up to you follow your heart xxx

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Military Record

Name: Claudio

Posting: Duke Pedro’s Regiment

Commanding Officer’s report

Introduction: Claudio is a young officer in Don Pedro’s regiment. He has acquitted himself very well in the recent war where he was described as fighting like a lion. This bravery has led directly to his recent promotion. Claudio is one of the rising stars of the army and his promotion is very fully-deserved even though he is such a young officer. He has become one of Don Pedro’s closest advisers, his right-hand man.

Issues: It is important that his commanders recognise that Claudio is still quite inexperienced and will need to be carefully supported in his new post. One issue that is of particular concern is that Claudio’s promotion came instead of Donna Joan being promoted which everyone expected until she showed her disloyalty to her half-brother Don Pedro in the recent battle. Donna Joan is known to be a woman who bears grudges and is always keen to get her own back on anyone who has upset her. Claudio will need to be sure that he keeps his wits about him particularly as he is a man who is yet to settle down with a wife and family. Don Pedro has a very high regard for Claudio as someone who is a good soldier, very loyal and a good friend. His relationship with Don Pedro will help Claudio in his career but it will also provoke jealousy in those who feel, like Donna Joan, that Claudio has been promoted ahead of other more experienced officers.