Seest thou not what a deformed thief this fashion is


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Borachio is Donna Joan's henchman and assists him in his troublemaking. He relays to his master the news of Claudio's interest in Hero and he is the originator of the plot alerting Claudio to Hero's apparent infidelity. Using his familiarity with Margaret to fool Claudio and the prince, he earns 1,000 ducats from Donna Joan for his success. He drunkenly confesses to his crime and is overheard and arrested by the Watch. During his examination, he infuriates Constable Dogberry by calling him an "ass" However, upon hearing of Hero's apparent death; he is truly repentant, confesses all and entreats Claudio to kill him as punishment for his crimes.




I never meant for this to get so out of hand and now Margaret is in trouble. How do I make up for what I have done?


If you do love her, you have to support her and try to get her out of trouble, it's the maximum you can do for her.


See what happens!

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Military Record

Name: Borachio

Posting: Duke Pedro’s Regiment

Commanding Officer’s report

Introduction: Borachio is an ordinary soldier who has fought alongside Don Pedro’s illegitimate sister Donna Joan. He has been seen to be very friendly with another soldier called Conrade. Borachio is known to be willing to follow Donna Joan and do everything that she asks. Some reports have suggested that Borachio acts as a spy for Donna Joan reporting back to her on everything that happens.  He is also suspected of helping Donna Joan in some of the unpleasant plots that man gets up to. Borachio is known to have a friendship with Margaret, a serving maid in Leonato’s house but it is felt that this is unlikely to be a relationship that will prove a good one for Margaret.

Issues: It is recommended that Borachio is not to be trusted with important information as it is likely to be reported back to Donna Joan. Borachio always seems to have ideas that will help Donna Joan in her secret plots and attempts to get her own back on those who have upset her. This is a soldier who needs very careful watching.