But till all graces be in one woman, one woman shall not come in my grace.


Also called

  • The prince’s jester,
  • Signor Mountanto

Relationship status


Played by

Benjamin Mansfield


Benedick is a nobleman of Padua and a fellow soldier and close friend of Don Pedro and Claudio. Initially, he expresses his firm intention to remain a bachelor forever and is disgusted by Claudio's desire to marry. He engages in witty and combative dialogue with Beatrice whenever he meets her, and there is the suggestion that they have been romantically involved in the past. His intention to remain unmarried changes as a result of Don Pedro's plan to make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love with each other. When Hero is publicly accused, Benedick is one of the only male characters who does not immediately believe the charges against her. He is also the only soldier entrusted with the knowledge that Hero is actually still alive. Benedick challenges his friend Claudio, at Beatrice's request, for the shaming of Hero, but he and Claudio are reconciled when the truth is revealed.




I used to think marriage was not for me. But now its is all I can think about. Where has this change come from?


Just take time to think.


Out of nowhere plus Beatrice does actually like you just sayin. :)


Love acts in a totally unexpected way; it is also the most beautiful thing on earth, if you found it, don't let it go.


You must like someone?


Because your deeply in loooooooooove


:0 :) :(


Just say yes to her!


This change has come from the sweet crush someone has on you.


From lady Beatrice you love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Probably because of her beauty, she has made you into a different person.

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Military Record

Name: Benedick

Posting: Duke Pedro’s Regiment

Commanding Officer’s report

Introduction: Benedick is one of the most experienced and high profile soldiers in Don Pedro’s army. He has done well in battle but it must be made clear that he is just as well-known for his sharp tongue as he is for his skills as a soldier. Benedick’s sense of humour can sometimes be seen by his commanders as showing them a lack of respect. This is probably one of the main reasons preventing such an experienced soldier from being promoted to become one of the senior officers in the army.

Issues: Benedick is a soldier who is liked by his men because of his sense of humour but this can sometimes make those he is leading take him less seriously and show him a lack of respect. As is well-known this lack of respect can lead to problems when an officer has to order his men to do things which they dislike. It sometimes seems to his commanders that Benedick is more interested in witty conversation than he is in the serious business of war and being a soldier. Unlike many soldiers of his age, Benedick remains unmarried and his commanders feel that if he could be married this might make him settle down and become a more sensible and respected person. Benedick has said he will remain a bachelor but he is known to have had a serious relationship with the Lady Beatrice in the past. He seems to have broken off the relationship which makes his fellow soldiers think he is not serious about getting married.